Meet the Pack


Denise and Winnie:

I have had animals all of my life: cats, dogs, hamsters, Guinea Pigs, goats and sheep. My animals have been my life of which you can read more on the Pet Ranger page. I have been grooming since 2002. To me the most important thing when I have dogs or cats to the shop either to talk to me about food or to be groomed is their happiness and comfort. We do our best to make sure they are not stressed and are happy to come back again! Winnie likes to come to the shop with me as the “Meeter and greeter”, she also comes with me Nordic Walking as I am Dartmoor Nordic Walking too, our base being at Moorland Paws.

Desma and Timber:




Lorraine (AKA Spud) and Ellie:


Julie and Henry: